Broad Shoulders Gear Bag

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Used by serious road bikers,  professional athletes, hockey players, fighters, service personnel, hunters, and just plain folks. The Official FEAR-NONE "Broad Shoulders"(TM) bag is simply awesome.  Limited in numbers.  Only from FEAR-NONE Gear.

Rugged, stylish, durable, and designed to take everything you need for a short or long haul trip or just moving stuff around.  

The FEAR-NONE Gear "Broad Shoulder" Gear  Bag is wind and water proof, and capable of taking punishment and still keep its classic "Chicago Cool" motif.

Made from the finest materials and workmanship, the FN Gear Bag is your best gear-bag and travel friend.

Backed by the famed FEAR-NONE Guarantee so you never have to worry.


Dimensions:  22 inches wide, 11 inches high and 36 inches long.