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Our Story

"Fear No Man... For Over 2 Decades FEAR-NONE Motorcycle Gear Has Believed That American Innovation, Dedication, Passion, Fearlessness, and Toughness ALWAYS Win."


“We are Innovators, fearless, barrier breakers, goal achievers, and darn serious about our AMERICAN MADE products and reputation...  So is our GEAR.”

Why try to make the world's highest quality Motorcycle shirts and gear in Chicago?  First, what better place is there to prove America's Toughness, industrial prowess, big dreams, and innovation? Second, to bring jobs, game-changing products, highest-quality manufacturing, and worker-product pride back to the USA Motorcycle industry where they should be.

Founded and HQ'd in Chicago USA, FEAR-NONE Gear has for over 20 years been dedicated to developing and keeping world-leading  American Innovation, products, talent, jobs and manufacturing in the USA.


REAL Motorcycle Gear. ALWAYS Premium Hand-Made in the USA with American Materials (NOT China, India, Taiwan, etc. like everybody else!). And GUARANTEED Toughest!

"Every FEAR-NONE Gear item is Designed and Made in the USA with the highest quality American Materials and workmanship... and GUARANTEED.  Whether you are cruising Lakeshore or touring the Yukon Highway, FEAR-NONE Motorcycle Gear will help you Dominate the road in Unique Classic American Style."




A percentage of all FEAR-NONE Product Sales goes to support the true FEAR-NONERs: Our VETERANS.


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